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IBM i Security Ref - 6.1

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QAUDJRN Journal Entry Types 7.3

QAUDJRN Entry Layout 7.2

QAUDJRN Entry Layout 7.3

QAUDJRN Entries by AUDLVL 7.2

QAUDJRN Entries by AUDLVL 7.3

RedBook - Security Guide IBM i

Open Security Foundation - DataLoss DB

National Vulnerability Database - NIST

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Security Articles and Tutorials by  Dan Riehl

Common Sense Security Auditing
Review options for configuring QAUDJRN auditing options for IBM i.

Are your user profiles open to Abuse?
Can your User profiles be hijacked for abuse?

Nefarious Masqueraders - IBM i Trojan Horse programs
How and where can Trojans be inserted into IBM i?

Security Toolbox Essentials for Managing User Profiles
Dormant users, Default Passwords and Group memberhip.

Exit Points for i/OS Control Language Commands  Part 1
Examines the detail of the CHANGE CL command exit program

Exit Points for i/OS Control Language Commands  Part 2
Examines the detail of the RETRIEVE CL command exit program

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